Unleash your creativity and let it fly wild by annotating existing ideas or by developing new ideas on hundreds of virtual whiteboards.


Save, share, or print ideas and notes for later use.


Collaborate effectively with remote teams as ideas get discussed and developed in real time.


  • "With BoardShare, I have been able to bring interactive whiteboard technology to every school in our district within the past 2 months." read more...

    Peter Roketenetz
    Director of Educational Technology,
    Woburn Public Schools
    "I teach classes using Hebrew and Greek. I started using the Boardshare - LIVE - right out of the box. It truly was that easy to use." read more...

    Rick Kipp
    Myrtle Beach
    "I just received 2 BoardShares to set up in my school. First of all I carried the box in 1 hand! Secondly the setup was quick and easy!" read more...

  • "I was able to setup and test this unit within the first hour. It wanted to do a software update via internet or it would have been quicker to setup." read more...

    Clarence NY US
    "I thought the BoardShare worked great.  I think it has to be the best of that style system that I have used." read more...

    Anthony Cusmano
    "I can certainly see how this would be a great device for home schooling, co-op classes, church classes and more. Because really, this device is SUPER!" read more...

    Ann Simpson